A review on how people use Digital Health to manage their health and wellbeing

This review aims to understand more about peoples use of digital health technologies in managing their health and wellbeing.
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Healthwatch Oldham completes a bi-monthly survey called the Healthwatch Oldham 100. This survey is designed to obtain the views from local people on a range of subjects. The findings from these surveys can help us to identify trends within service delivery and provide information to guide us on areas to look into further.

In July 2020, we released our Digital Health survey to better understand the way people use technology to support their health and wellbeing. 76 people took the time to complete this survey and we would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this review.

Key Findings

People highlighted many positives to using technology to manage their health and wellbeing as well as some concerns:

  • Access - People within this survey highlighted their lack of access to some technology. Whilst this cannot always be helped, service provisions must be equally in place for those who feel confident in using technology and those who do not have access. There is also the consideration to make sure that technology and services are easily accessible for those with learning difficulties and other barriers to using technology.
  • Data Protection - People in the main throughout this report welcomed the use of technology in managing their health and wellbeing. However, the main concern raised was understanding what security measures are put in place regarding their sensitive data. People have commented that they do not want their information to be stored by others unless necessary.
  • Education - People stated that they would welcome technology to support their health and wellbeing if they fully understood how to use the technology. Supporting and training people to make the best use of technology should be a priority moving forward to allow those who are willing to learn to easily do so.

Our full report with our detailed findings and recommendations can be accessed below:

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