Healthwatch Oldham Forum - Low Mood, Anxiety and Depression Report

For this Forum, we asked specific questions about people’s understanding of their own mood, diagnosis, possible treatments and services they have accessed. The answers to these survey questions have been collated and analysed to identify any trends.
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There were 88 questionnaires which were completed in total. These were completed by people who attended the Forum and those who completed the questionnaire online.

People mainly chose to complete the questionnaire online because they may have not been able to attend the Forum or they preferred to do it in their own time.

Key Findings


  • 87% (78 people) who completed the questionnaire stated that they had in the past 12 months felt either low, anxious or depressed
  • 69% (54 people) of those who declared that they had felt anxious or depressed had stated that they had spoken to someone regarding this
  • These people had mainly confided in a friend/family member or a GP
  • Those that hadn’t spoken to anyone regarding their feeling mainly stated it was because they felt they could sort it out themselves
  • 35% (31 people) had stated that they had received a formal diagnosis
  • 5 people stated that they had received medication even though they stated that they had not received a formal diagnosis – The reason for this is unclear


  • 42% (37 people) had stated that they had received treatment for their condition
  • 31 people stated that their treatment was medication
  • People which accessed an agency (in some cases as well as medication) scored the effectiveness of their treatment higher than those which were just on medication
  • Most of the information provided regarding how to get help was obtained through a medical professional, internet and through a friend or family member


Healthwatch Oldham Forum - Low Mood, Anxiety and Depression Report June 2017