Healthwatch Oldham Diabetes Forum Report

We have published a report on the findings collected at the Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Awareness Forum from June 2016.
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This report brings together all the data collected by Healthwatch Oldham during the Forum to help identify both positive and negative patterns and trends in relation to people’s understanding of diabetes.

These patterns and trends help Healthwatch Oldham to understand how people feel about their own perception of diabetes and the steps they can take to prevent type 2 diabetes. 

Key Findings


  • Nearly half of the people who attended this Forum stated that they had diabetes
  • The most common type of diabetes from those that attended was type 2 diabetes
  • Nearly a third of those who stated that they didn’t have diabetes cared for or knew someone that has

Risk Factors:

  • It’s clear that people feel that being overweight, consuming sugary food and drink and a lack of exercise are the highest risks of developing type 2 diabetes

Ability to Change:

  • There seems to be a strong relationship between people’s perceived risks of developing type 2 diabetes and the habits they can change to help reduce that risk
  • The most common response was that people felt they could change most of their habits apart from smoking and reducing their alcohol consumption

Health Checks:

  • Most people that attended the forum had stated that they had received all three health checks in the past 12 months (Weight checked, blood fats and blood pressure)
  • Just over half of those in attendance also stated that they were above their ideal weight


Healthwatch Oldham Diabetes Forum Report February 2017